Bathtub Re-Glazing

Re-glaze it - Don't Replace it

ML Restorations, Colorado Springs Premier Refinishing company can save our customers hundreds of dollars by re-surfacing instead of replacing your Bathtub. We Professionally repair chips/scratches, and  Resurface your Bathtub giving it a new Factory finish. Bathtub replacement takes 3 - 7 days to complete and costs Five Times more than refinishing. Usually, replacement costs will also include Tile replacement, and new fixtures. National average to replace a bathtub, surround tile, and new fixtures is $3,500.00. ML Restorations can usually refinish both your Bathtub and surround Tile for under $800.00 within two days, giving them a brand new look. We strive to give you confidence in our services from concept to completion. We pay attention to your needs and make sure that the work we do is exactly what you want. We have a 24 month limited guarantee your Bathtub will not lift, peal or yellow.

Does your bathtub have chips or cracks?

We can repair any chips or cracks without detection.

Do you want to change the color of your bathtub?

We can refinish your bathtub to look new and modern with a bright white factory finish.

Does your bathtub look faded and dull?

We bring it back to life with a High Gloss factory finish.

Does the Tile around your bathtub need new life?

We can refinish the Tile in over 40 different colors and patterns (See the Color chart below) Our finishes are mildew resistant, will not Lift, Peal or Yellow.



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